Didgeridoo.PL reactivation!!!
In connection with my trip to Australia, my activities has been suspended.
It took a lot of time arranging travel and embrace a new place :) Just for lead Didgeridoo.PL
didn't have time.
But now this is changing, I'm back on the scene! I've been there over 18 years and I'm not
going to go down fast :) There are many new projects to realize.

I decided to completely rebuild Didgeridoo.PL  Now it will be a different mission.

As I said, trip to Australia caused a slight delay in some of my projects. I mean design
Digital Didgeridoo instrument.

The good news is that I finished the main part with it, more info is in chapter Project.
And something else, sorry for my English ;)

Some music:

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Goana Project
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